A fourth grader whose whole school experience was disengaged from school activities and instruction and labeled as one who would not sit still, and was generally considered to be a child with behavioral issues. CIS staff found out that this student had been hiding in the bathroom, undetected for six weeks avoiding rotations and special instruction. As she began to gain trust, she confided that she felt that “no one will listen to me when I tell them that can’t use pencils and paper”. CIS staff discovered that this student has a sensory disability where she can’t handle the way the pencils feel on paper or the feeling of her hand on paper. Much like the feeling most experience when nails scratch on a chalkboard, her mind and body react adversely to paper against her skin. CIS staff started the process of engaging parents to seek a diagnosis, but immediately obtained fingerless gloves and special pens that she delivered to all her teachers. This was a game changer. She came out of her shell and participated in many extra school activities, no longer feeling the need to hide. This student felt heard through this process. This year, she met her benchmark for the first time in her life in math and reading.

Photo does not represent actual student. Photographer credit: canva.com